Marin, SF, High Definition video production, editing, cinematography, Christopher Sorrenti



Your indie film project is important to me, please send me a brief detailed description about your film and it’s subject matter as I am intriuged! On your team you’ll have award winning, documentary video editor and motion graphic artist whom will give your project the attention rightfully deserves! Thank you.

You name I’ve cut it, probably shot it too! I’ve been working with digital video since its inception, the second it hit the desktop! In the early years I cut my teeth on an Avid® Symphony Meridian system as well as, Apple's own Final Cut Pro editing software, I have certifications in both and a full HD editing suite ready to handle your SD, HD, 2k, 4k video needs.

For 8 fluid years I was senior, in-house video/film editor editing, six feature length documentaries at Art and Education Media in Berkeley, CA. I am am now providing my film editing techniques and camera experience to indie filmmakers in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

There is something about the medium of film that fit’s my temperament like a glove! Not only within a collaborative effort of everyone involved in the production but also, the fusion of elements that form a movie via; art, acting, lighting, camera work, visuals, audio, music, psychology, photography, lens selection, technology and multimedia software to put it all together as that is something that resonates deep within.

Organically, these elements come together during the course of production, helping you to flush out these story elements from the beginning stages to completion with my rhythm and pacing editing skills and, advancing the plot or storyline forward through kinetic editing is what I excel in. Let me bring your project to fruition and give it that extra polish and finesse that it rightfully deserves!

I apply the Zen philosophy to the edit, as my first focused thought is NOT how to make the film conform by the rules of the narrative rather, what rules need to be broken to make the dramatic structure arc: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and dénouement work within the story and editing timeline. Once I have an assembly of clips in a rough-cut stage then its time to whittle down the content even further until we have picture lock. Once that is achieved, I then apply a three pass (primary, secondary and master) color grading process and your film is served up voilà!